Revenue Cycle Management

We are one of the leading global provider of technology-enabled healthcare services designed to deliver end-to-end solutions. Our main aim is financial strength of your business which is directly correlated to timely billing and reimbursement. We provide our clients with a stress-free work environment, thus helping our clients to focus on providing the best medical care possible to their patients.

We keep ourselves updates with the current and upcoming changes in reimbursement process with different payers’ rules and regulation along with dynamic technologies, advance emerging treatment options, regulations and trends changes in the healthcare sector.

Making sure that your organization has the processes, tools and skills to optimize your revenue cycle performance is a critical imperative for financial performance. Whether your challenge is functional or comprehensive, successful revenue cycle performance initiatives need to be cost effective and are best when delivered through a single-point of accountability for integrated consulting, technology and services.

Our work flow includes

  • A dedicated Billing Account Manager to ensure effective communication
  • Improved RCM Cash Flow Management through Robust Technology
  • Real-Time Customized Dashboards to track your Revenue Cycle
  • Work-Flow Automation to Enhance Collection Cycle
  • 4 Week Transition Methodology
  • Detailed MIS Reporting

With our cost effective outsourced Healthcare RCM services you enjoy cleaner claims, fewer denials, enhanced revenue and freedom to focus on your core capabilities. Accurate Medical Coding along with timely filling of claims are the priority for all healthcare providers and we can free them from recruiting & training coding staff ensures reduced labor costs, improve coding accuracy and ensure compliance with government regulations.

We have one of the largest in-house full-time AAPC certified medical coders, billers and denial management specialist.

We serve medical groups, academic practices, hospitals, nursing facility, skilled nursing facility, home health agency, ambulatory surgery centers, and coding companies throughout the United States.


  1. Certified and experienced coders & billers
  2. Error-free medical coding systems, focusing on documentation requirements
  3. In compliance with current CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10, DRG and billing codes
  4. Understanding insurance coverage, eligibility and timely filling limits
  5. In-house Expertise with Multi-specialty Domain Knowledge
  6. Capability to manage high volume of work
  7. Quick Turn Around Time
  8. Ease of submitting and retrieving documents
  9. High QA control
  10. 100% HIPAA compliance
  11. Competitive pricing
  12. Significantly Reduces Your Denials
  13. Avoids Costly Back Billing
  14. Reduces A/R days
  15. Helps ensure complete, accurate reimbursement
  16. Adopt RPA Technology that’s proven to work


Key Metrics followed at Ardur Technology:

  • Revenue Metrics: Account Receivables days and Denial Rate.
  • Documentation & Coding Metrics: DRG, CC/MCC rates & unspecified codes.
  • Denial Metrics: Denial Recovery Opportunity, Root Cause Analysis.
  • Payer Metrics: AR past expected payment date, time to pay.
  • Reserve Metrics: Profit and Loss impact by month, AR runouts.
  • Service Line Metrics : Contribution Margin, Net Income, Profitability by Service line.
  • Compliance Statistics: Audit Request Volume, Audit Risks, Appeal Success, Net Dollar Outcome


Allows you to concentrate on core business activities without sacrificing quality of service in the back-office, this helps healthcare professionals to make the best use of their time and increase productivity, resulting in better revenue

Better accuracy

Data accuracy, documents requirement, medical report documentation and last but not least medical necessities is very essential to get maximum reimbursement for claims being submitted to government, commercial, workers comp, auto insurance or charity program for reimbursement. By outsourcing your medical coding service to, you can achieve better accuracy.

Cleaner claims

With Ardur Technology, you are ensured of timely filling, cleaner claims and speedy reimbursements

Quality audit

Quality audit increases the accuracy of coding. Better accuracy increases the chance of getting compensation from insurance companies.

Improves efficiency

With fewer staff to manage, you can make the employees more responsible for their duties within the company. Consequently, you can improve your office efficiency

Save costs; get experts

Finding or hiring certified coding, billing and denial management specialists is quite challenging. Moreover, it will cost you a lot. By outsourcing Medical Billing Services to us, you will get the benefits of certified coding, billing specialists at lower cost

Discover the Benefits of Our RCM Services

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