Electronic Asset and Record Management

Asset Management Services

Your records hold the value of your assets and we have developed multiple support services to assist clients in managing the high volume of data generated through an asset’s life. To carry this out effectively requires a blend of digital tools and human intelligence. Ardur has the necessary winning combination of aircraft engineers with extensive digital knowledge to power your needs to manage and maintain the data and record management of your assets, and help you to build the future of the commercial aviation asset lifecycle.

We can help reduce the effort of spending hundreds of manual hours performing trace review and to increase the records quality, while helping to support with your digital transformation goals.

Electronic Asset and Record Management

With our Digitised Records Cleaning /Editing service, you can ensure to store accurate and up-to-date records that are safe and accessible anytime, from anywhere in the world. We specialise in making the -clean data available at the earliest as per the critical nature of the asset. Blending our Human skillset with the latest digital technology and an experienced team, we provide one of the most cost-effective services for records management.

Our records management services include

1. Data and Records ManagementEnterprise Data Warehouse.
  • Aircraft Records indexing
  • Digital Migration
  • Check Pack Audit
  • Auditing of Daily and Heavy Maintenance checks
  • Data entry at source (DEAS)
  • Part transaction details audit
2. Back to Birth Traceability.
3. Technical Review.
4. Records life cycle management.
5. Delivery Bible review.

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