Charge Entry AND AUDIT


  • Demographics entered with accuracy; is crucial for proper and timely reimbursement
  • Insurance details and proper insurance selection while submission of claim, understanding Primary , Secondary, Tertiary workers comp or no- fault insurance
  • Documents requirement for workers comp or no- fault insurance claims submission
  • Electronic submission to all accepting carriers; paper billing when stipulated by carrier along with supporting documentation submission.
  • Details like diagnosis, treatment, and amount claimed are identified for each claim
  • Online entry of all patient details directly into client software
  • On completion of the charge entry process, the medical documents are accessed for charge entry


Leverage ARDUR’s Charge Audit services to identify missed charges, instances of over-billing, and coding errors that led to revenue loss.

We take an analytical approach to:

Validate written orders for the level of care, and all treatments rendered
Necessary modifiers are appended, and the exact number of units are billed
Comparing charges by patient’s accounts
Verifying charges against updated Physician Fee Schedules
Identifying undercharges, duplicate posting, and overcharges
Verifying the charges with various department billers and coders

Charge Audits help reveal causes for variances including problems with charge entry, provider absences, failure of providers to report timely charges, a change in coding patterns, services not billed for, and other reasons for claim denials. Ideally, charges should be consistent from month-to-month, barring changes in physician productivity due to unavailability.

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