Mortage Pre Processing Support Services

Rate Lock Management

We take charge of the entire process, ensuring that loan seekers get a response from you in the shortest possible time. We achieve such diligent turnaround times by coordinating with the customer to get a commitment on the loan within the stipulated time period of the lock-in time period.

CAIVARS Verification

We scrutinize borrower details to ensure there are no past records of delinquent federal non-tax debt. We verify their profile on the CAIVARS system, as per the guidelines of the Debt Collection Improvement Act.

1003 Review

We meticulously scrutinize the application to make sure that all of the personal information furnished by the applicant such as name, work history, signatures, property details, loan details, employment information and income information are all accurate.

MERS Check

Our team of mortgage experts compile detailed customer reports and update them on the MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration system) to ensure that you can track the progress of your entire mortgage loan approval process.

Loan Estimation Review

We compile and dispatch the estimate of a loan structure to the customers, after including basic information like issue date, loan term, loan type, rate lock information and so on. We verify other details of a loan estimate form like closing costs, Annual Percentage Rate and projected payment plan.

Generation of Disclosures

We generate all mandatory mortgage loan disclosures as dictated by the terms of the federal law, to the borrower based on the loan estimation process. We then review and send these disclosures to the borrower to complete a crucial step of the mortgage pre-processing procedure.

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