Mortgage Title Services

Title Ordering

Obtain and verify details about mortgage title or settlement company. Order and follow up to obtain initial and Final Title report.

Title Examination

Review title reports and examine the chain of title to ensure no illegal deeds exist. Analyze records, such as mortgages, liens, judgments, easements, vital statistics, and plat and map books, to determine ownership and legal restrictions.Verify legal description of property and completeness of records.

Title Commitment

Provide a comprehensive title search and review. Assist lenders in reading the title commitment report easily. Uncover defects early on to help close transactions quickly. Capture essential data for commitment easement, tax status, and restrictions.

Final Policy Production

OGenerate long form, short form, and owner policies. Final review of records to determine the true owner of the property before policy issuance. Forward the new title insurance policies to the new owner and lender.

Title Insurance

Assist lenders in ordering insurance for the property. Review the insurance document for building conditions, lien, deductibles, policy period, etc. Flag inconsistencies in the title insurance document and coordinate with carriers and underwriters to get them corrected.

Settlement and Closing Services

Structure the signing and exchange of all documents in an orderly manner. Assist in the preparation of a HUD 1 statement. Assist in completing documents needed for recording services.

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