Appraisal Vendor Management


Appointment Tracking and Follow up

We act as a communication channel between the appraiser and the client to ensure the appointment date is set by the appraiser as soon as possible and if they are facing any issue we take the right action to handle the situation and keep the client updated.


Qualifying New Appraisers

Ardur generates as possible appraisers to your appraiser database after verifying their various documents such as W9, License, E&O, etc., or any other document required. Placement - We own the responsibility to find quotes for a particular order from the appraisers and then updating all the quotes received and selecting the appraiser whose quote suits the client the most.


Updation of Vendor Details

We update the details of the vendor with the latest information or any new changes made and ensure that their insurance and license are up to date.


Reports Updation

We monitor and ensure that the appraiser submits the report one or two days before the due date. If the request for extension of the due date, we take the appropriate action as well as if they face any other issue we work on it to solve it as soon as possible.


Delivery of Reports

We upload the report manually or any other method available in the Appraisal Software.


Quote Requests

Our Team provides a detailed quote request which will detail the client, product(s), property address, loan type, and transaction type. Ardur will determine which appraisers are eligible for the potential assignment and email those appraisers for quotes. The Ardur Team shall review the options to quote their client.


Appraisal - Vendor and Order Management

We keep the profile of a Vendor updated matching the details in the ASC site and keep the client updated about the same. We act as a communication bridge between the clients and the appraisers.


Status Management

  • Follow up on Assigned orders
  • Check or Confirm Inspection schedule and Submission of report
  • Follow-up with Appraisers to obtain revised Appraisal Reports
  • Procurement of PA and FHA case numbers
  • Review of Docs, i.e., PA, Bids, and Prior/Original Reports

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