Mortgage Appraisal Services

Broker Price Opinion

Provide Broker price opinions for property value less than 250K.

Appraiser Panel Review

Mortgage policies and guidelines can vary by area, so keeping current with the policies is a challenge. Our team will review the appraisal to make sure it is consistent with best practices, adheres to the Uniform Appraisal Dataset (UAD) and the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).


We thoroughly examine the appraiser’s report for anomalies. We review the basis for the valuation, verify if the appraisal report is compliant with mortgage rules and regulations, and check if the appraisal is carried out according to the federal, state, and GSE guidelines.

Comparative Market Analysis

Using the average cost of properties sold with similar attributes, we’ll gather data like listed price, time on the market, price of sale, and more. This expedites securing financing and assures that the price you pay is fair.

Title Assessment

Lenders like to avoid unnecessary risk, so can review tax, judgment, and transfer records. This makes the lender and the borrower more comfortable with the deal.

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